Saturday, October 22, 2016

Why it is Fine to not want kids...

As I near 34 in the next couple days my family has been driving me crazy with questions about having kids. Like being married isn't enough. I'm pretty sure before I got married my family thought I was going to be the dreaded cat lady. I could have brought home a serial killer to marry and no one would have cared. Further more, there is nothing wrong with being single either. I was happy living on my own. Although as luck would have it I found someone who meshed well with me. We laughed at the same things. Made fun of the same people and had the same views about having kids. I am not completely opposed to the idea but I am definitely not forcing it.

A few good points I came up with for not having children..

1. No Saving for College
Kids are pretty expensive even without them going to college. I am still paying off my college degree. Although I guess we could do what my parents did and not save at all for their children's future. I paid for most of my college on my own. I cant really blame my dad though he was pretty busy just keeping food on the table. I would try and save like most parents do these days but it would be hard and put a burden on the finances. Not to mention the fact that college keeps getting more expensive every year.

2. Vacation whenever we want
I fully enjoy our vacations that we actually get to go on. Especially the ones on the beach. We don't have to have anyone watch the kids or worry about schedules. And as much as everyone tells you they will be there for you, it just doesn't happen. Say goodbye to any vacation that does not involve large mouses or being stuck at a water park with a million other kids and their horrible looking parents.

And my favorite reason....

I felt like I had to bold it because I consider sleep the most important reason. I love my sleep. I have appreciated sleep for as far back as I can remember. If I want to take a nap in the middle of the day I do. Part of being an adult with no kids. I already have a job that takes a lot out of me. I at least want to get a good night sleep. I feel like with kids you do not get the sleep you deserve. Or so I hear.

4. My Career
I am really unhappy with the job I have now and I do not want to be one of those people that just stay miserable about their life and do nothing about it. I may be unhappy now but I am working on my next five year plan. It will have me moving up in my career and doing it soon. I am fine doing grunt work if it pays off in the end.

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