Monday, October 10, 2016

My fav new shows

I am usually not one that actually watches shows as they come on. I am more of a netflix binger that watches the seasons a season behind. There is only one show that I watch as it comes on tv an that is Arrow because it is awesome and I love the shirtless scenes so much....

Although I do love the Arrow I have actually found two new shows this season that I am absolutely in love with. 

This Is Us
The first show I discovered was This is Us. I started the first episode because I heard so much online about how awesome it was. I am not one that really enjoys feel good shows but this one actually moved me which is hard to do. It is hard to explain why but I loved it. The family dynamics was so nice and the whole story was so moving. I definitely recommend watching this show. The first two eps are still on hulu and are amazing.

I started watching the first episode last night for no reason except I was bored. I really enjoyed it. It has a little happiness and a lot of good writing. Every character has something about them that we have to continue to learn about. The lead character is so dimensional. She makes the show. I love her so far. And I thought I had family issues. What is it about having bad families that make characters more interesting. Not really sure but I enjoy it because I can understand it.

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