Friday, October 14, 2016

Classes I wish were offered in my high school..

There are so many things that happen to you after high school that no one warns you about. And yes being an adult can suck that life out of anyone. I am in my thirties and I am still not sure about a lot of things. I google most of it but before that I asked my parents.

Being Smart with Credit
This is a huge one. Before I applied for my first credit card after high school I recieved lots of advice for my dad. He was full of information about the use of credit. I just only wish I would have listened to him. I have made many mistakes when it comes to credit but I am at least learning for my mistakes. I feel like the most limit one should have have or need is 2000. Any more than that is asking for trouble. 2000 is managable. And do not use your credit card to live off of. Pay off your credit card each month and do not let the balance roll over. That is where the banks get all there money. Interest rates are evil. If it is your first card ever, more than likely you will have a high rate of interest. So if you can help it do not carry a balance on your card. And as tempteming as it may be sometimes never get cash of your card. The interest rate is crazy and it is hard to pay off.

Paying for College
If you are planning on going to college having a class like this would be amazing. I really wish someone had told me about all the options out there to help pay for school. When I was in high school I assumed thay my dad would pay for my schooling not really thinking about his finances. He did help me some and I recieved a few grants to help pay. I also realize that if I would have stayed at home longer with the parents I would have saved so much money. So if you are in the same area as your school live at home. Also the buying textbooks is a racket that is making tons of people tons of money. If you want to save money do not just go straight to the campus bookstore and buy your books. Go to one of the many online bookstores that have cheaper books and maybe older editions that work just fine but do not cost 100s of dollars. College students are not rich. They should realize that. I like for cheap books but there are many other sites available.

Being Healthy while being poor
This is still something I have not mastered. I still find myself coming home and eating ramon noodles like I am still a college student. My diet is so horrible right now. I grew up with a single dad so I have no training when it comes to cooking. Most of my food is processed and frozen. I also hate cooking but I would be willing to learn if it was healthier.

What is 401K?
So my retirement is something to laugh at right now. I am in my 30s and my savings is not where it should be. I feel like there should have been a class in high school that let me know the importance of having a retirement account. Everytime I leave a job I end up cashing out my 401k to use on bills until my next job. I realize that I should not be thinking about now but later. I feel like it is hard for me to care about later when the now is what  I am having trouble with.

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