Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Shade of Vampire

A couple weeks ago I told myself that I was going to start reading more. The first book I choose just by reading the description and reviews. It was called A Shade of Vampire. I know the vampire thing has been done to death but the description of the book really made me want to read it. So I purchased it and it sat on my phone for about a week before I decided to actually read. I am really bad at hoarding books without reading them. I really have no idea why I do that except the feeling I get from being in a book store is euphoric for me. So I will spend hours just perusing but I have to buy something and that is how the hoarding began. Well this week I was stuck at work bored so I started reading and I just could not stop. For two days I was wrapped up in this story. I could not stop. I finished it in just two settings. The main character of this book is named Sofia and she has such a sad start at life. Some of the anxiety she feels I completely understood. I could symphathize with what she was going through. I am not sure when the story turned into a romance novel but I was very happy it did. The author has an amazing skill of bringing all the characters together and making the reader root for them. Even though Sofia is in this horrible place the author has a way of making her stronger being here alone. I have always admired the way authors can write their characters to be more than one dimensional. There are things about Sofia that make her special and make the reader root for her. There are also things about the other main character Derek that make him likable even when we should not. You will definetley get lost in this story. I added a link below if you decide to buy it.

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