Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Things that make me wanna stab someone...

As a pharmacy tech there are many things that drive me completely nuts about the human race. I have been a tech for nearly eight years and have worked in customer service for almost twenty years. Some of my complaints may be interchangable as a pharmacy tech and someone who works with people but some may only be clear if you actually work in a pharmacy. Sometimes I feel like people do stupid things just to test my patience. Which is getting shorter with every year I am alive.

1. The complaint I have is going to be from a pharmacy tech point of view. Depending on where you work this may apply to you too. One of my biggest grievances is having someone stare at me with angry eyes. In the pharmacy retail world there are some who believe if they stare daggers at you while you are working that you will work faster. Especially on their medications. Personally if you try to stare daggers at me, I stare back then I work slower so it doesnt work on me. And no I do not just put a label on it. There are many steps that are involved in making sure YOU DO NOT DIE.

2. My next issue is going to have to be wanting to fill narcotics early. Sorry sir but your insurance will not pay for it for 10 more days. You should still have some left. Oh your dog at the pills. Or you can not find the bottle. Someone stole your purse. Did you get a police report? No!? Then I will have to call your doctor. If the dr said it was ok then you should not mind me calling them. And unless the directions have changed the insurance is still going to deny it. That is just how the world works. And most of us have been doing this for years. Do not try to lie to us. We are not stupid. You may be but we are not.

3. Annoying Children!!! That is all!! I do not have kids so I guess I am not super sympathetic but control your damn kids. I get that if you are coming to the pharmacy that your kid is probably sick and annoyed but that is what drive thrus are for. Your kid screaming in my ear is going to make this process take a whole lot longer.

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