Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My favorite show right now.... Arrow

I am currently obsessed with the show Arrow on The CW. I did not start watching the show until half way through the first season. My husband made me watch it when he took over the TV for that night. I always hate to admit when my husband finds a show I enjoy but after seeing the lead actor (Stephen Amell) shirtless for most episodes I was hooked. So the shirtless scenes hooked me but I stayed for the great storyline and awesome characters. So now we are about to start the fifth season and I have become the worst kind of fangirl. I actually have withdrawals when I dont get to read fanfic for a couple days. So if you would like a show to get hooked on this one will do it. All but the last season are on netflix or you can buy them on amazon. The only season that is not on netflix yet is the last season so I have a link for it if you want to buy. Arrow: Season 4.

Bonus: The Oliver and Felicity relationship which will come to life on episode 3 season 1.

Oh the Feels....

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